The Pacific Ocean is vast and home to Hawaii and the South Sea Islands – a Polynesian welcome, great beaches, reefs and waving palm trees. The Hawaiian islands offer exotic landscapes – lush rainforests, lava deserts, volcanoes, beaches and exciting cities. Below the equator, the South Sea Islands stretch from Papua New Guinea to New Zealand to include the Solomon Islands, French Polynesia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Cook Islands, New Caledonia and Tonga.

Hawaiian cruises are offered in two forms – a 7 night circle Hawaii cruise out and back from Honolulu or cruises from or to Los Angeles, San Diego, Ensenada or Vancouver on the mainland. All will tour the main islands of the group including volcanic Hawaii, cosmopolitan Oahu, scenic Maui and Kauai, the Garden Island. Some cruises will travel south to Fanning Island, one of many idyllic tropical atolls forming the Republic of Kiribati. Cruises from the mainland will involve 4 days at sea to get to Hawaii and consequently will take 10 days or more for one way cruises and two weeks for the return voyage.

South Sea Islands
Cruises are mainly in two formats – 7 night cruises around the volcanic islands and coral atolls of Fiji or Tahiti or world/trans Pacific voyages. World cruises may start or finish in Sydney or Auckland and call in on some of the Island Groups on their way to Los Angeles or the Panama Canal, taking 2 to 3 weeks. In addition there are adventure cruises that explore the remoter islands of Polynesia and Micronesia.

Eastern Pacific
There are cruises that cross the Southern Pacific from Chile to Tahiti or Australasia. Leaving Santiago they will call at Robinson Crusoe Island, Easter Island and Pitcairn with several days at sea in between. Voyages may take 20 days or more.